Overcoming failures, technical problems occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer

A. Regulation of warranty

- Products are free warranty if the product warranty period was calculated from the date of delivery, the product is warranted for the warranty period stated in the warranty book, warranty stamp and provisions of each maker of all technical issues.

- Yes warranty and warranty stamp of companies or distributors, vendors on product. Where the product serial no book written on the warranty card must have the stamp of www.mayquetmavach.info warranty (including stamp original warranty).

B. The cases not covered

- Product warranty has expired or lose warranty.

- Number of barcode, serial number on the product can not be identified or wrong than warranty.

- The data, documents, text and software provided free of charge, attached storage products (including post warranty period).

- Arbitrarily dismantling, repair by individuals or technicians are not employees of www.mayquetmavach.info.

- Products are damaged by fire or mechanical effects, distortions, fall, break, bumps, scratches, damaged by moisture, rust, water flow, animal enters, natural disasters, fire fire, misuse voltage regulation.

- Warranty, warranty stamp torn, no warranty stamp, stamp warranty goats, warranty or altered stamps (including stamp original warranty).

- Warranty does not cover shipping and delivery.

- Some special circumstances of each manufacturer as the type of dot matrix printers, inkjet printing, card printing companies Datacard, HiTi, Fargo ... no warranties: ink ribbons, ink cartridges, batch drying, pinhead ... and no warranty as signs of insects in may.Tat both the above cases are in accordance with the general standards of the company, the manufacturer.


Maintenance Maintenance: Includes cleaning products, maintenance line, install the software program, repairing minor damage can be fixed (not including replacement equipment). Maintenance time and maintenance costs depend on the agreement between www.mayquetmavach.info and customers.


- For equipment attendance, access control immediately change www.mayquetmavach.info committed 100% new product if the product is damaged within the first 7 days after purchase and satisfaction warranty conditions.

- For other devices www.mayquetmavach.info distribution, standard warranty manufacturers.

- Equipment purchased the 6 month period will be processed within a maximum of 5 days

- If the customer claims for the right product or category Posts warranty, we will create conditions for other components used borrowed temporarily pending the old equipment warranty, and will add time warranty corresponding to the waiting time for that device.

- In case of force majeure, you can choose one of the following options:

+ Switch to another device of equal or greater configuration deal with costs.

+ Enter the product at the price agreed.

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